The guide draws on the experiences and lessons offered by current and former senior leaders of youth justice systems, to provide guidance, advice and examples for senior leaders seeking to transform youth justice.

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Introduction: The Case for Transformation

Centering Racial Justice & Equity

Partnering with Youth and Their Families

Shifting Roles, Responsibilities & Resources to Communities

Developing a Shared Vision for Transformation

Building Public and Political Will for Change

Changing Culture to Align with Vision and Values (coming soon)

Turning Data into Action (coming soon)

Aligning Case Decisions with the Goals of Transformation(coming soon)

Reducing the Number of Young People Impacted by the System(coming soon)

Reforming Youth Justice Policies, Practices and Programs(coming soon)

Replacing Youth Prisons with Community-Based Supports (coming soon)

Restructuring Resources to Finance Transformation(coming soon)

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